1. Why choose MW Farmstead Products?

MW Farmstead products stand out against all the other goat milk products because they use no chemicals at all! No fragrance oils or artificial scents, no dyes or artificial colors. Each batch is handmade in small quantities to ensure the unique artisan details, each batch might vary slightly in appearance but all have the same recipe and quality ingredients. Read more about our ingredients here.

2. What are natural colorants?

MW Farmstead uses an infused oil process to make their natural colorants, taking natural root powders or clays and infusing them into grapeseed oil.

3. What process does MW Farmstead use in making their soaps?

MW Farmstead uses a cold process to make all bar soaps, bars of soap must cure for 3-4 weeks before being packaged. Read more about the base oils we use here.

4. Do you use preservatives?

MW Farmstead does plan to release new products such as liquid soap or liquid lotion and these products must have preservatives to ensure a shelf life longer than 7 days, MW Farmstead takes great pride in researching natural preservatives and will always use natural preservatives if possible. All preservatives will be listed in ingredients.

5. Can I see your products in person before buying?

MW Farmstead will be in a variety of local farmer’s markets and other events, please see the calendar for updated days & times. MW Farmstead will be in select stores, please see blog posts for updated stores that carry our products. View our calendar here.