Our Mission Begins With Our Own Family

Learning and Enjoying the Many Blessings of Living on a Farm Property, We Grew into Wanting to Share Those Blessings With Others. We Do Our Very Best to Always Apply the ``Gratitude & Giving`` Motto to All Things We Do!
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Tonia and AJ Goddard purchased the property to be their first home in June 2019, finally overcoming many hurdles to have a place of their own, where their children could always come home to.

It was the beginning of 2020 that Tonia began to see a vision for the "old barn". To let her children enjoy the blessings and the many values that come from raising farm animals, gardening, and living a farm life.

This vision later grew to wanting to share those blessings and values with others...MW Farmstead was founded!

our story


Tonia and AJ purchased their home and property in June of 2019, sharing it with their own children as well with foreign exchange students.

They have always opened their doors and hearts to children and animals.

With this new home it was of importance to them to create new beginnings, a clean slate if you will and "do better, live better" was something they continued to say.


This saying lended the idea when things started to closed down due to the pandemic, to rehabilitate the old barn, put some sweat equity into the property, and create a farmstead to share products and services with others.

"Do Better and Live Better!"


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